Puppies For Sale

Stoli's had her puppies on May 4th. This is a yellow and black litter (4 girls and 5 boys). Chynna's had her puppies on May 13th. This is a yellow litter (6 boys and 2 girls). The sire for both is Ripp. Puppies go for $3500. Call 410-742-4068 for more information. Please leave a message if I cannot get to the phone. No text messaging please.

Stoli Day 3
Stoli Day 4
Chynna Day 1
Stoli Day 7
Chynna Day 2
Stoli Day 14
Stoli Day 15
Chynna Day 5
Chynna Day 6
Chynna Day 8
Stoli Day 16
Stoli Day 20
Chynna Day 11
Stoli Day 24
Chynna Day 15