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Stoli's had her puppies on May 4th. This is a yellow and black litter (4 girls and 5 boys). Chynna's had her puppies on May 13th. This is a yellow litter (6 boys and 2 girls). The sire for both is Ripp. These two litters will be the last puppies from Chynna and Stoli. These two litters are the last litters from Willow Brook Labradors. Call 410-742-4068 for more information. Please leave a message if I cannot get to the phone. No text messaging please.

Stoli Day 3
Stoli Day 4
Chynna Day 1
Stoli Day 7
Chynna Day 2
Stoli Day 14
Stoli Day 15
Chynna Day 5
Chynna Day 6
Chynna Day 8
Stoli Day 16
Stoli Day 20
Chynna Day 11
Stoli Day 24
Chynna Day 15
Stoli Day 28
Chynna Day 26
Stoli day 32 and Chynna day 23

Stoli's pups are 4 weeks and
4 days old, and Chynna's pups are
3 weeks and 2 days old. Playing
together well and eating puppy
food now, very messy.

Stoli day 34 and Chynna day 25

June 7 2024, Stoli's pups 4 weeks
and 6 days old. Chynna's pups are 3 weeks
and 4 days old. All are doing well
learning to use the potty area. Loving to
play with toys and each other.

Stoli day 41 and Chynna day 32