Hollybrooke Flaxen Gem

Registered Name of Dog



"Call Name" of dog


2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation

Eng CH Poolstead Problem

Eng CH Poolstead Preferential

Eng CH Poolstead Preface

Poolstead Pretentions at Rocheby

Poolstead Pearl Barley

Poolstead Precious Pearl

Poolstead Package Holiday

Foxrush Prosperity


Eng CH Sandylands my Rainbean

Eng CH Ransom of Sandylands

Bonfield Lady

Sandylands Rhythm at Foxrush

Eng CH Squire of Ballyduff

Sandylands Branble

Eng CH Sandylands Longley Come Rain

Eng CH Sandy lands Mark

Am/Cam CH Powhatan Black Badger CDX

Powhatan Corn

CH Hedgerow's Hope

CH Broad Reach Bittersweet

Yarroow's Broad Reach Binnacle

Yarrow's Astarte of Windfall

Macadam's Fancy Lady


CH Eireannach Black Coachman

CH Allegheny's Eclipse

CH Allegheny Bezique

CH Graemoor's Cymbidium

Eng CH Sandylands my Rainbeau

CH Sandylands Radiance

Eng CH Sandylands Sparkle